In 2023, we will celebrate our 20th year in business. As many of you know, Nicole Wayne is a labor of love. When I was at a time in my life when my family came second to my career, my husband and I decided to end the vicious cycle and proclaim that family would never come second again. We would do whatever it took to ensure that we would never again forget what was important, and never let money or career guide our lives.

Hence, Nicole Wayne was born. Named after my husband, Michael Wayne, and daughter Alexis Nicole, the name in itself is a reminder of family. A reminder of its uncontested importance, and a reminder of how fragile and essential that balance is.

I am thankful for each and every one of you that have blessed my life over the past 20 years. My life has been forever changed, not only because I decided to put my family first and have reaped the immeasurable benefits of that decision, but because that decision led me to create Nicole Wayne, which has inconceivably blessed me with all of you, many of whom I now call friends.
                                                                             — KIM COY